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Annie Coyle  Flower

Annie Dee is a yoga and barre instructor, meditation teacher, breathwork coach, and habit design coach. She grew up in a family of meditators, and began practicing mantra meditation at the age of five. This early introduction to the yogic traditions ignited her path and she hasn’t looked back. Her passions eventually led her to India where she studied with Himalyan Yoga Master, Yogrishi Vishvketu, in the Nath lineage of Hatha yoga.

She has a deep passion for helping humans find grace in their life, both within movement and within the mind. Her teaching is dynamic and ranges from traditional yoga that integrates mantra, hatha-vinyasa, pranayama, and kriya, for a deeply meditative practice. On the flip side, she also loves to teach fusion classes that focus on powerful and intentional movement progressions to instill an embodied grace into physical form that translates far beyond the mat.