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45 min class (43:36)
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The Yogic Way: Movement, Mantra, & Breath

Annie Coyle

This traditional exploration of yoga aims to enliven awareness of the many ancient facets of yoga that are available to us. Practicing the physical aspect of yoga is just one small sliver of a vast whole where many practices lie waiting to be utilized for greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

In this class, you will explore elements of:
Mudras (energetic hand-gestures)
Mantra (healing frequencies)
Hatha postures
Pranayama (breath)
Kriya (active breath-movement)

Witness how these elements compose a holistic experience that provides a powerful punch for awakening the senses, uplifting vitality and instilling deep inner calm.

The Yogic Way: Movement, Mantra, Breath

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