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Yoga for Weight Loss: 14-Day Bootcamp

Yoga for Weight Loss: 14-Day Bootcamp

We are often a reflection of the world around us and world events. If you’ve been feeling heavy, you’re not alone. We are living through a time filled with an excess of tamasic energy. Many external circumstances are beyond our control, but yoga can help us manage our behavior and perspective. 

Different situations call for shifts in our yoga practice, so we can maximize the benefits of our time on the mat to match how we are feeling. Many students shared with us that they’d gained weight and were interested in a yoga program that would help them in their quest to burn calories and lose weight. We’re excited to share we’ve got a new two-week Yoga for Weight Loss Bootcamp designed to help you push your physical limits to beat stress and help you tone your muscles, strengthen your bones, and feel lean and luminous. 

One way to feel lighter inside and out is through more vigorous styles of yoga––ones where you break a sweat, get your heart pumping and stimulate your endorphins. Stoking your inner fire will quiet your mind, activate your digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, and endocrine systems. It’s a great way to exit a state of emotional and physical stagnation and generate an overall sense of wellness. 

When you feel comfortable in your own skin, it bolsters your self-confidence. We frequently emphasize and discuss the emotional and mental benefits of yoga and sometimes downplay the physical. But why can’t we emphasize the physical asana if that’s what we’re craving or that’s what we need at any given time? 

Everything is connected and sometimes, it takes pushing yourself in a class designed to make you sweat and burn calories to access the emotional and mental benefits. Physical benefits include keeping your heart healthy, your blood pressure balanced, and your weight in check. We all want to be our healthiest and that doesn’t mean having to conform to a certain body type or look a certain way. Vigorous workouts play an important role in keeping your immune system strong, your mood elevated, and your metabolism chugging along at an optimum rate. 

If you’re craving a program that will dial you in for two weeks of daily practices curated just for you, sign up for our upcoming yoga challenge. You’ll feel great inside and out! 

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