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$ 60.00

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Yoga for Weight Loss: 14-Day Bootcamp

Feeling confident in your skin is a beautiful thing, that is not dependent on weight, body type, or appearance. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, and putting in the work to do so, can be an act of self-care that benefits your health and overall well-being.

This 14-Day Yoga for Weight Loss Bootcamp is designed to give you real results and help you tone, sweat, and start to shed the pounds that you desire. You will begin to see visible results in two weeks from these rigorous and dynamic classes, especially if you complement this bootcamp with a healthy diet. Weight loss can truly benefit your health, in addition, to gaining more confidence and a healthier self-image

This program contains a mix of vinyasa, power, HIIT, cardio, and fitness fusion classes. You'll burn calories, become more toned, and work all of the major muscles groups for you to feel more vibrant. All classes in this program are between 20 and 50 minutes, giving you a daily workout, without the need for an excessive time commitment.

You can feel fantastic in your skin, no matter how much you've struggled with weight in your past. It's never too late to change. A weight-loss journey is an ongoing commitment and there is no better time to start than right now.

There is also inspiration in these classes on body positivity, the connection between your mind and body, and overcoming the emotional and mental blocks to losing weight. The structure of 14 consecutive days of moving your body, will give you the confidence to believe in yourself, start to shift momentum, and create healthy habits. Challenge yourself, and commit to your health and well-being with this two-week bootcamp!

  • Anyone who wants to lose weight
  • Advanced beginners and up
  • All ages and body types

  • 14 fun and challenging classes to help you tone, strengthen, and lose weight
  • Classes to build a healthy body image and sense of self-worth
  • A mix of Vinyasa, Power, Fitness, and HIIT classes


Full Program
Yoga for Weight Loss: 14-Day Bootcamp
$ 60.00
$ 60.00
Program Items
Day 1: Celebrate the Skin You're In A 30 minute power punch that includes squats, lunges, yoga push-ups, balancing and also a pause in your day to remind you that you are worthy.
Day 2: Weight Loss Routine This class may assist you in shedding a few pounds, gain strength and endurance, and improve your mobility with a combination of traditional yoga postures paired with HIIT and 'exercise' moves.
Day 3: Yoga Sculpt Light weights are added to this class create a deep burn in all the major muscle groups - expect to spend the majority of the class in standing poses before coming down to the mat for core work.
Day 4: Cardio Express This 20 minute class will leave you feeling stronger (and sweatier) than ever - get ready to move your body and sweat a couple gallons. Bring your water!
Day 5: Smokin' Guns This unique flow class is meant to be challenging so that you can come back to it and track your progress to see how much stronger you are becoming!
Day 6: Sculpt & Rest Plan on working your way through a challenging 25 minute sculpt sequence, followed by slowing everything down and releasing to an important state of rest and recovery.
Day 7: Fitness & Yoga: HIIT & Flow This class will give you the perfect blend of fitness and yoga with a 20-minute high-intensity interval sequence followed by a 25-minute dynamic yoga flow and cool down, and a 5-minute savasana.
Day 8: Shred, Strengthen, & Tone Get ready to torch calories, build muscle, and tone up from head to toe in this intense full body flow - you will to get maximum benefit and burn for your entire body.
Day 9: Your Body is a Temple This class approaches weight loss in a different way, with a 30 minute dynamic yoga with resistance flow and an embodiment meditation to stimulate the rest of our nervous system.
Day 10: Bun Burner This is a challenging class is designed to get results quickly, so you won't spend a lot of time on alignment, but rather get into the poses and burn those buns!
Day 11: Circuit Yoga This short, powerful workout that combines yoga flow and sculpting circuits to lift your heart rate and push you to the limits - get ready to sweat!
Day 12: Circuit Yoga 2 This is a creative yoga sculpt class is great for those who are short on time, want to compliment their cardio workout, torch calories and finish feeling invigorated.
Day 13: Exercise Your Body This class fuses yoga with general components of fitness and is designed to give you a full body workout with 15 chaturanga push ups, 30 seconds of eagle crunches and one minute of squats.
Day 14: Releasing the Baggage This class starts with 30 minutes of yoga sculpting, a cool down and a heart chakra meditation where you will connect to your breathing and expand your love to self and others.