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Yoga for Weight loss: Celebrate the Skin You're In

Kristin Gibowicz

Do you need a wake-up call? A 30 minute power punch that includes squats, lunges, yoga push-ups, balancing and also a pause in your day to remind you that you are worthy? Yoga can help with weight loss by strengthening the body and burning fat, regulating the nervous system for stress reduction, and bringing awareness to our mindset. In this class, Kristin will remind you to move - not to beat yourself up, but to nurture your worthiness! It's from this place that you bring awareness in your day to the ways you can fuel your body with breath work, nutrition, and rest.

"When we spend a lifetime trying to distance ourselves from the parts of our lives that don’t fit with who we think we’re supposed to be, we stand outside of our story and hustle for our worthiness by constantly performing, perfecting, pleasing, and proving. Our sense of worthiness—that critically important piece that gives us access to love and belonging—lives inside of our story.” Brene Brown

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