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10-Day Detox Immersion with Pradeep Teotia

10-Day Detox Immersion with Pradeep Teotia

Align with nature and detox with Pradeep Teotia! One of the most powerful ways to feel your best is to align with nature. Instead of swimming against the current, when you go with the flow, it’s easier to lighten up. We’ve just experienced a Full Moon, which symbolizes the beginning of a period of releasing feelings of heaviness and stagnancy, inside and out. It’s the perfect time to join our 10-day Detox Immersion with Pradeep and shed what’s no longer serving you.

Now that we’re three weeks into the new year, take a moment to contemplate how you’re feeling. Are you ready to pause and assess exactly what you’re ready to release to create space for something fresh? Whether you’ve got some repetitive negative thoughts, unpleasant emotions, or tight hips that are preventing you from feeling content, it is time to purge. 

For two weeks of the month, the moon waxes from a sliver to a Full Moon and it is the time to open up to new experiences and start new projects. But what happens if you don’t have the room to invite in the new?

During the two weeks when the Full Moon wanes, it’s an opportune time to shed whatever is weighing you down. We’re in that period right now and we know you’ll love the immersion’s focus on detoxification. Physically, this program will help you feel stronger and lighter. The choice of poses and breathing techniques provide powerful benefits for your digestion, elimination, and circulation. As a result, your vitality and energy levels soar. 

On the mental and emotional level, the emphasis on cleansing can lift your mood and help you find a place of lightness and clarity. One of yoga’s greatest benefits lies in its ability to help us quiet our minds and filter out external noise. Sometimes we don’t even know what is weighing us down or preventing us from feeling our best. Through mindful movement and intensive pranayama (breathing techniques), we can consciously shift energy out and feel invigorated, no matter what it may be. 

We’re here to support you while you focus on your optimal health. Just as the moon diminishes in the sky, you can reduce feelings of sluggishness on every level of your being. Happy Detox! 

10-Day Detox Immersion with Pradeep Teotia

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