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Full Moon Astrology Forecast: January 17, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Forecast: January 17, 2022

The Full Moon moves goddess consciousness towards the initial framework for new creative expression. This is the first layer awakening beyond previous boundaries. We enter the phase of creating new references with the outer world from the soul self. Consciousness is always testing and recreating its ‘known’ spaces through the push and pull of divine feminine and masculine. 

And this Full Moon the push and pull of forces shifts, marking a new feminine creative outpouring. The Full Moon will rise in her own house of Cancer at an exalted point within the cosmos.

The week leading into this Full Moon was very spiritualizing with all the planets clustered together between Rahu, North Node, and Ketu, South Node. The compounding energies work the deeper sense of self and how life force was and is distributed into ‘foundation’. Energies are moving along the restructuring and simultaneously preparing to welcome new forms within the self and the known. The simultaneous energy worked through healing old traumas, old foundations that once held ‘safety’ ‘perceptions’ ‘guidelines’ but also that bound expression.

What was, has served to be the new launching point of what will be. Yet, this time it’s different. The foundation is no longer there. You must carry forward deeper wisdom that is untethered from the previous world. It can feel disorientating, it can be thrilling then shift into fear. Call upon your trust. Honor what was in existence, offer the old self and the old world the highest form of gratitude and love.

These healing forces will pour love into self-acceptance so new realities may blossom beyond the known constructs of self and the world. All of these forces of undoing, rebuilding, soothing, pushing, is preparation. It is tilling the soil. This is what we call preparing the self and world for the soul, or higher conscious awakening. This moon will work heavily into healing and preparing the new foundation for new goals, new experiences, a new self. It is heavily aspected to how we nurture our dreams, goals, and higher self. There is a lot of healing energy but also a lot of introspection that will offer new mental connections to self and the world.

There is an undoing of karmic binds, and new wisdom will fill into the spaces to create new perspectives along with releasing negative emotions such as resentment or separateness (victimization). Unity within self is taking a stronger hold, which allows more grace and understanding to flow from the self unto all experiences. Challenges around embodiment, focus, and integrity will arise. This is alignment in its highest form. To be, think, act, see, speak that which you seek. To have truth, honesty, justice, and patience in alignment. It's a chance to clean the spaces within the mind, body, and environment that are misaligned.

Use Mercury retrograde to access higher wisdom and get clear on what you need to bring life into, what needs to be cleaned out, and what needs to be recalibrated to fit your highest self. February will bring a bit more energy for these insights to take form. But, this month it's about rechanneling your energy and getting focused on who you are and the total environment of the self-mind, body, soul, and space.

Asanas (yoga poses) that best work with this Full Moon are rooted heart openers: Cobra pose, Lord of the fishes, Cat/Cow, and Mermaid

By Geenie (Gemma) Celento

Geenie, also known as Gemma, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, astrologer and student of the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage. Her website is here. Her classes on YogaDownload are often inspired by astrology and aimed to guide each student to unfold a deeper connection from within. Her diverse knowledge and continued studies in the spiritual sciences can be felt in her class offerings. With humble devotion Gemma weaves the wisdom of yogic practices into accessible and impactful mat experiences.

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