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Full Moon Astrology Forecast: March 18, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Forecast: March 18, 2022

Many Full Moon blessings to you all. Our world is shifting rapidly, and we're all awakening, expanding, and collectively moving together into new horizons. Next month will be a whirlwind. Stay connected to your highest visions. This moon marks the completion of a cycle and brings a new cycle, a new epoch, a new order forward. What you hold in your mind, and within your heart are building and gaining form, keep the space clear.

Understand your environment, the waves you bring into space, and how you are being led. Consciously choose what is taken in, and engaged, it is building you and becomes a part of the new creation and self. Dharma has been reforming for the last 8 months and reaches a point of freedom this month. Two days before the Full Moon marks a point of energetic liberation. It liberates the self from previous masks, encasements, and works to open creative, generative forces of nature to birth a new beyond known horizons. This freedom also releases confines to karma. Yes, karmic balance is occurring and feels almost instant, either in understanding or in experience. An important aspect of this karma clearing is due to the reference point, or release of old confines no longer causing a reactive energetic effect within the self. It also shows that dharma ownership requires karmic ownership. Taking responsibility for all thoughts, actions, and all forms of creation within the now awakens a new form of inner power, resilience, and co-creative responsibility.

The wisdom carried forward will show how to be fruitful with efforts. Understand your resources, the cycles of life, and your lifeforce. It will be about serving the collective to know self. Mars rules this month and is rebuilding the ego and inner mind. We have shifted into a new time frame. Fertilization (the seed within you) is occurring carrying the next generation through wisdom and order. Protect the seed, keep movement and execution close to heart- through the guidance of the heart. The masculine and feminine are united, exalted, understanding the co-creative components awakens new faculties.

Contracts are being carried out, service and connection beyond ‘lives’ and for life. Many will begin to receive what you have wished for, or feel more connected to personal vision and directive. Many will come into new unions, roles, and awaken greater faculties. Collectively and individually we unify the self into new heights of self-realization. We are all being asked to receive what they have put into motion and creation.

The next framework for creative desires now moves into earthly form the ordering-divine intelligence. April will be a powerhouse of forward movement and expansion-blooming fruition. Do not hold your vision as something to be attained, or a wish into the future. It lives in the present within the heart, it is important to sense this emergence within. A new life requires lifeforce, the connection between temporal and eternal. Take responsibility for personal being-ness, ownership moves the mind to understand the nature and effects of energy exchange, as well as illuminating through junctures of connection and links. 

Understand how the universe draws through you. The fabric of the field, the planets, the forces of energy you command with your ‘being’. Mind the ‘being’. Doing no longer defines this go around. Be the love, emulate it. Freedom of new expression, the vibration of waking up. It’s a milking, drawing through you for all. Fertilizing the fullness of the ideal self from the soul serves beyond the self, it enriches us all. Be true to your potency, your potential, to the gold within your heart.

New revelations, recognition, and integration of the unknown is occurring powerfully. It is a refraction from September of knowing self as unique within the whole. There is a lot of relaying energy, moving forward quickly and building new. See between hinges and joints, the spaces between, the fractures. This reveals what keeps us separate from self, inner knowing, and each other. It will also show the false links, or connections that lack integrity. As within, so without. These links, junctures, or connections will reveal themselves dualistically (what is and was gained, what no longer holds, and what is needed to stabilize). There is a lot of wisdom and magic in these connection points.

Lastly, remember that your very being draws divine intelligence and gifts unto the Earth. Every thought draws from the divine lifestream to be birthed into individual experience and expression. This month connects the mind beyond 'me' and into a greater embodiment of collective power. The ordering of one's world will follow the mental nature. Focus on inner love, contentment. Remain humble. Remember your humanity.  Desire and dharma move forward for new life through divine connection and to bring heaven unto earth through the heart of soul. 

Asanas to work with this moon:

Seated open twists

Pose Name

Pigeon Pose

Pose Name

Warrior 2

Pose Name

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By Geenie (Gemma) Celento

Gemma, distills the ancient science through the stars. A teacher, Vedic astrologer, and Ayurvedic Practitioner Gemma unites Tantra through the wisdom of the skies and the power of plants. Based in Italy, Gemma's work and passion is rooted in guiding others through the sacred sciences to awaken the magic within and around. 

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