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Reset Refuge: 7 Day Gentle Yoga Immersion with Elise Fabricant

Reset Refuge: 7 Day Gentle Yoga Immersion with Elise Fabricant

Do you ever wish you could pull the plug and reboot your life the way you can reboot your computer? You know those days when your phone or laptop go haywire and you waste hours with minor fixes, but nothing works until you perform a full restart? 2020 has been characterized by dramatic shifts and some unwelcome and shocking changes impacting every single one of us. This week consider committing to a complete reset for your body, mind, and heart with our special Reset Refuge 7-Day Gentle Yoga Immersion with Elise Fabricant

Yoga is one of the most powerful tools we have to navigate the ebbs and flows of change. By concentrating on building our strength and balance from the inside out, we are better equipped to handle whatever comes our way. The definition of “Hatha” is Sun-“Ha” and Moon-“tha.”

Every physical style of yoga practice is considered Hatha Yoga, including Vinyasa and Power Yoga. All these styles are intended to balance the body and the mind, like the balance of the sun and the moon. When a class is offered as Hatha Yoga, it is usually slower-paced and focused more on mindfulness.

Physically, these practices will increase your immune system, stimulate circulation, stretch your muscles and ligaments and tendons, and soothe your nervous system. The gentler forms of Hatha Yoga, including restorative and Yin yoga, are excellent for providing a refuge where you can recover on every fiber of your being. Taking time for self-care is vital to remaining balanced and handling whatever comes at us from the external world.

The intention of these classes is to encourage you to shift your awareness inward. To slow down and allow your nervous system to settle and grow quiet. To support you in active yet restful poses designed to restore you to your factory settings. Well, maybe not factory settings, but restore you to a time when you felt peaceful strength from within. Our perspective on the world shifts when we are fortified from the inside out.

Staying consistent at home isn’t easy, so we’re here to help you commit to a one-week program to reboot your system, no matter where your starting point. These classes are shorter practices––20 to 30 minutes––so you can fit them in any time of day. Having Elise Fabricant, an expert yoga instructor and life coach, with you daily for 7 days helps you stay accountable to yourself. 

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