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The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender

In the state of letting go, we find the answer. We find the joy and the wisdom, the humor and the strength when we choose to release. When we melt into the posture. Child's Pose becomes an embrace. It becomes a surrender to the Lotus Feet of the Guru, a romantic way of saying our Inner Knowing. We put down the swords of our ego, we rest our chest to our knees and find the breath moved to our lowest back. Our hearts melt over our thighs and our forehead to the floor reminds us to look deep, deep inside ourselves to find the Light. What better posture to pray then to the All That Is? What better way to prostrate ourselves to our own Inner Bliss? What simpler pose can there be than Balasana?

Ah, but it is not so simple! Our tight hips rebel at the forward fold. Our knees resist the deep pressure and our backs decry the need for length. Opening up our hands before us to reach into the Earth, we ground ourselves into Her strength, much as one does when practicing Inipi Ceremony in the Sweat Lodge. We ground our foreheads to the cool Earth to release our burning minds into the ageless soil as the sweat pours down our bodies. There is no escape and so in surrender we must turn in order to breathe the cool exhale of the ground assisting the release of toxic thoughts and foods and energies that are sweated from our pores.

In our Pose of the Child, we are calling for renewal, rebirth and recalibration to another Pulse- that of the Primal first Mother, our very Earth itself. Our surrender to her and ourselves ushers in a new breath deep into our lungs via the back of our body. It opens a sweet state of bliss and release into the mind. It calls us to rock ourselves to peace on this endless internal ocean.

No, Child's Pose is not the simple pose it masquerades itself to be. For surrender to the Greater Self is never coerced, but is always, always given when bowed to with sincerity.

By Kristen Eykel

Kristen Eykel CHt. is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Birth Doula, Usui Reiki Master, IKYTA & E-RYT Yoga Specialist & Certified Advanced ThetaHealer. A member of Women Speakers Association, Kristen is also the Yoga Expert/ Media Spokesperson for Total Woman Gym + Day Spas, and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Fit Pregnancy, Health Magazine,, and among others. Her website has links to her 6 Yoga DVDs. You may also catch her meditations and workshops on her channel or purchase her Yoga Emergency downloads here at

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