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New Moon Astrology Blog: July 9th, 2021

New Moon Astrology Blog: July 9th, 2021

This New Moon marks the bridge of harmony between the mind, individual soul, and universal directive. It is regeneration of mental, emotional bodies through the guidance of the higher self and divine plan. This evolution of the self within the mind is the culmination of the mental principle in its external manifestation.

The soul, higher mind is leading the way as universal forces aid in awakening the individual self to their capacities and latent abilities through divine connection. These energies lead the self through calm waters while embracing inner guidance and outward realizations. The outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn play a key role in creating foresight and hindsight. They support the evolution of the self and work to create an open mind and non-duality realizations so the individual self can rise into the divine plan and become more impervious to external influences. This is a third level of a conscious shake-up.

Think of it as the phase of self-realization from the inner mind into the outer world. The potency of the inner self aligned with the analytical mind has made the soul and mind more effective in the outward materialization of the soul’s desires and dharma. The veil has been thinning, which lessens delusional interference with higher mind communication. These energies have been unfolding for some months, each New Moon leading into another level of evolutionary phase. This New Moon is the point where balance and purification have come together. It makes realization easier, calmer, and with fewer mental objectifications. The noise of the mind has relaxed into the higher inner knowing making way for a third level of conscious shifts. 

This third level of consciousness evolution changes realization within cause, effect, subject and object, and how accumulated karma within the mind has been liberated. Welcome to the new self from new perspectives. Much has been unfolding for the rise and the power of the mind to lift the self into greater alignment with inner truth and into the “I am” nature. This is not just within the levels of the mind but, the emotional body has aligned to this inner power as well. Feeling more aligned, more clarity, and feeling more empowered in the personal directive is an important aspect of this lunation.

The renewal of inner abilities is with divine creation. The bridge between Gemini and Cancer alludes to the evolutionary forces that merge the mind into divine creation with universal forces. This new harmony magnifies and multiplies one’s “I AM” realizations. If your personal birth chart has Sun, Moon, or Mercury in Gemini, or Mars in Cancer, effects can be felt more profoundly. Mars in Cancer will affect the emotional to mental body and external efforts of these forces. Gemini planets will be harmonized and feel more of the inner communication of the self with the soul. Another key aspect is the 23 degrees within these planets. If there is any planet stationed at 23 degrees within your birth chart. That (Those) planet(s) will play a prominent role in your personal outward evolution with this New Moon. 

The Moon and Mercury will influence these energies more than the Sun, because of their connection with the individual mind to the universal mind. Moon and Mercury activate latent virtues connected to WILL (power) and mind, so WILL can fructify in accordance with a divine plan. This is when wisdom has evolved the mental/emotional connection within manifested reality, so too, WILL and directive are reshaped to be less affected by external influence. It reinforces the internal response to remain connected to inner wisdom.

This recreation is the transformation of the inner gem. Harmony between universal soul, individual soul, and mind rest in unity together. The individual self has more clarity, foresight, and directive in divine purpose. Self, personal desires with soul desires are communicated easefully through experiences and into this next evolutionary phase. Saturn has removed the veil laying within the karmic-influenced mind, making the intuitive mind prominent and inner knowing more impervious. 

Lastly, an important aspect of this lunation is the wisdom gained from boundaries, and one’s external interactions. The interactions/experiences with others or circumstances that were aligned or misaligned. Any efforts in protecting one’s energy or the seed of personal dreams will show how to move one forward into softening boundaries because personal embodiment into one’s truth has aligned external manifestations. And, any protection of inner dreams will receive the needed directive on next steps.

Every culmination and rise of evolution marks the ending of the previous iterations. Rise into knowing that previous experiences have communicated their wisdom, served your evolution and are now surrendering into the cosmic waters to be returned to source. This marks the ending cycles of serving others over self, ideas over self, and subtly silencing your inner knowing and intuition to follow acceptance, idea, or any external influence. The veil is gone, the power is yours. These energies are serving freshness. Wisdom, nurturance of self are resurrected and take the forefront. The inner relationship emerges to lead external influences to fall to one’s WILL and soul’s plan. Claim your chariot and allow the heart to lead.

The mind is finally in suit and executing in higher alignment in accordance with the heart (seat of the soul). This is the unification of the four minds. One can move forward and see the unity through personal contribution to lesser influences/experiences and how it has all led to alignment with one’s TRUE NORTH. Divine plan has harmonized the mind and individuated soul to make abstract ideas/dreams more concrete. Aspirations, goals, have more clarity, directive, and personal embodiment fueled by divine alignment. Manifest your reality, use these energies to call up the power that is alive and ready to externalize on the next level. Command your forces and get ready. When Mars enters Leo, the outward manifestation will move quickly.

Currently, Mars’ position is fortifying the emotional and intuitive abilities for more fruitful manifestations. Life Forces and impulses are becoming more cohesive with universal forces. The world is yours, and your dreams are coming up for material realization. 

Be well my loves,

Geenie (Gemma) Celento

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Geenie, also known as Gemma, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, astrologer, and student of the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage. Her classes on YogaDownload are often inspired by astrology and aimed to guide each student to unfold a deeper connection from within. Her diverse knowledge and continued studies in the spiritual sciences can be felt in her class offerings. With humble devotion Gemma weaves the wisdom of yogic practices into accessible and impactful mat experiences. Her website is here.

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