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New Moon Astrology Blog: July 9th, 2021
New Moon Astrology Blog: July 9th, 2021
This New Moon marks the bridge of harmony between the mind, individual soul, and universal directive. It is regeneration of mental, emotional bodies through the guidance of higher self and divine plan. This evolution of the self within the mind is the culmination of the mental principle in its external manifestation. The soul, higher mind is leading the way as universal forces aid in awakening the individual self to their capacities and latent abilities through divine connection. These energies lead the self through calm waters while embracing inner guidance and outward realizations. The outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn play a key role in creating foresight and hindsight. They support the evolution of the self and work to create an open mind and non-duality realizations so the individual self can rise into the divine plan and become more impervious to external influences. This is a third level of conscious shake up.