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New Moon Astrology Forecast: April 12, 2021
New Moon Astrology Forecast: April 12, 2021
This New Moon rises in full pedigree at 2:30 AM UTC in Revati (Pisces) it will cross the point into Aries, marking the beginning and ending of an evolutionary cycle. This marks a unique shift within the collective consciousness and within the individual self. As this moon progresses it will birth a new self, and bring forth new energies to support higher ideals. Many karmas will be laid to rest, especially for creation. New creation beyond generational aspects will begin to merge. The Sun and Moon are meeting at an archetypal degree within the cosmos. This point will emphasize their unique energies and will help in awakening higher self. Mercury is working to communicate lessons from previous karma. What needs to be carried forward to build stronger foundations, contentment, dedication. What is required and recreating specific lessons to strengthen the inner self is all being communicated. The moon is working through a highly spiritualized and idealistic point. This is awakening the same energies within the psyche.