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New Moon Astrology Forecast: April 12, 2021

New Moon Astrology Forecast: April 12, 2021

This New Moon rises in full pedigree at 2:30 AM UTC in Revati (Pisces) it will cross the point into Aries, marking the beginning and ending of an evolutionary cycle. This marks a unique shift within the collective consciousness and within the individual self. As this moon progresses it will birth a new self, and bring forth new energies to support higher ideals. Many karmas will be laid to rest, especially for creation. New creation beyond generational aspects will begin to merge. The Sun and Moon are meeting at an archetypal degree within the cosmos. This point will emphasize their unique energies and will help in awakening a higher self. Mercury is working to communicate lessons from previous karma. What needs to be carried forward to build stronger foundations, contentment, dedication. What is required and recreating specific lessons to strengthen the inner self is all being communicated.

The moon is working through a highly spiritualized and idealistic point. This is awakening the same energies within the psyche. It moves the individual to be more immersed in spirit and to rely less on the material skills, and more on one’s own ability. Tune in during this moon, tap into the self to create within the material. Inner insecurities may arise, especially for those born on a waning or new moon. Rest assured, much of what is occurring behind the scenes will test the need for concrete evidence (the material form). This will work through different areas for you depending on your chart. However, collectively it will strengthen your ability to come within and recreate how you see, show up, reconcile your world, and how you create from within. Whatever you dream, trust the energies are gathering together for you.

I cannot emphasize how important trust and surrender are at this juncture. The planetary influence is shifting specific ties, and for many, it may feel more liberating, while others may feel insecure or unsettled. Trust the process.

This point refreshes karma because the material is limiting. These planetary energies will work to carry forward pertinent lessons, skills, and aspects of evolved self that will serve your new evolutionary phase. The Sun is working for inner creativity. It is illuminating what you want to create for your world, based on the soul. As within, so without. As above, so below.

This does two things: brings the soul’s intentions forward into consciousness and also strengthens one’s connection to the soul and ability to create from within.

You will be shown and asked, what do you really want to create for your world?

Ask yourself this, and get clear on what you need and want to carry forward. Do not doubt yourself or what is possible. Doing so will only fuel insecurities that are dependent on the external world and one’s perception of it. Remember it’s renewal and rebirth time. 

The lunation is working to stir self-examination on one’s created reality. Reconcile any discrepancies, but do not hold anything against the self.

This is a moment of rising, and breaking off, not breaking down the self. There is an ending of cycles, lay to rest what holds you back. Work with the universal energies to release. This position indicates the universal and individual soul is moving into a new cycle. The Full Moon on the 26th & 27th will mark action forward. Now it’s time to purge and clarify.

Be confident that these energies are a promise for a new beginning, I hope you feel the lighter energies. New futures are being seeded. Remember space is important and critical to birth new ideals within self and this world. Nurture this space with a clear mind. Intuition and trust are being elevated, so trust what is being shown to you, and any synchronicities. Lean into heightened intuition. Soul connection is at the forefront in order to awaken the higher ideals. Have faith in yourself, your inner guidance, and the power of your intuition. 

Lastly, I really want you to understand the immersion within the self that is being called forward. Symbolically the Piscean fish is a submersion into deep water. It is one with its expansive environment. Be the energy of your new evolution. Feel free and at peace with the current moment. Feel the power of your resolute mind and unwavering faith. This will create a stronger foundation for your new evolution and these evolutionary energies. Remember we’re all in this together. These are the qualities of harnessing your spiritual power and alignment. 

“What you seek, is seeking you.” - Rumi

Be well my loves,

Geenie (Gemma) Celento
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Geenie, also known as Gemma, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, astrologer, and student of the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage. Her classes on YogaDownload are often inspired by astrology and aimed to guide each student to unfold a deeper connection from within. Her diverse knowledge and continued studies in the spiritual sciences can be felt in her class offerings. With humble devotion Gemma weaves the wisdom of yogic practices into accessible and impactful mat experiences. Her website is here.

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