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7 Easy Ways to Make This the Year You Develop a Regular Yoga Routine

7 Easy Ways to Make This the Year You Develop a Regular Yoga Routine

The start of the year is a time for resolutions - and many people’s resolutions will be to work out and exercise more - perhaps even get into a yoga routine! However, it can sometimes be hard to find the motivation to keep going, especially towards the end of January when it’s cold and dark, and the motivation you had on the 1st of the month is starting to wane. However, the best way to keep going with your yoga practice is to start a routine. Thinking about giving up? Let us remind you of some of the benefits of yoga, and give you some tips to get into a regular routine for 2020. 

Need some inspiration to get into your yoga routine for 2020? There’s a wealth of benefits that practicing yoga can supply. As well as the expected, such as physical health and fitness, there are also some more unknown benefits. 

Yoga can help improve your self-awareness. Yoga can translate to the word ‘connection’, and it's easy to use the practice as a way to connect to yourself a little more. Being more self-aware can help to benefit your relationships, your work life, and your friendships. 

Yoga can also instill a sense of community in you. You can make friendships and join a like-minded community when you regularly attend a yoga practice, so if you’re feeling a little bit lonely it can be a great place to form connections and friendships.

The mental health benefits of yoga are amazing. Starting a regular routine can be a great way to improve your mental state, and help you to be happier and cultivate a stronger, confident state of mind as well as improve your fitness levels. 

Finally, another little known benefit of practicing yoga is to improve your productivity. Having regular practice can help to improve your levels of productivity. This is a great thing to strive for, and can make vast improvements to your 2020!

Now that you know some more of the benefits of a regular yoga practice, you might want some tips to get into a good routine this year.

Here’s some easy ways to get into a good yoga routine this year.

Start short

If you’re just getting into yoga, a 90-minute session on the mat maybe a little bit more than you can chew. Starting with shorter, more manageable practices can be a better idea if you’re working on getting yoga a part of your regular routine. The key to building out a new routine is consistency, so trying it out a few times a week is key - even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. 

Get it in your schedule

If you have a busy schedule, it can help to set aside a specific time each day where you can get on the yoga mat. Think of the times of day where you have little to no distractions, set a timer, turn your phone off and dedicate the entire time to your yoga practice.

Fit it around your existing schedule

While you might be signing up for 5 classes a week when you first get started, you might find this unsustainable once all of life’s pressures add up. Finding the right balance that works with your current life is the best way to avoid burning out a little later down the line. Think about your lifestyle and goals and practice at a pace that is good for you, and that you can build upon over time. 

Get the gear

Investing in some good quality yoga equipment can be a good way to get into a new routine. Using a good yoga mat and some props can help to make your practice easier and can help to keep you in place and to keep your body stabilize. 

Start with a gentle type of yoga

Start with a type of yoga practice that’s best for beginners. Try Yin yoga, or Yoga Nidra, or something that uses deep relaxation alongside mindful techniques. Vinyasa flow is also good to work on stretching and getting used to the postures.

Try different styles

Once you’ve got a handle on the beginner classes, try different styles to find the one that resonates with you. There are lots of different types of yoga out there and lots of different teachers who have different teaching styles. If you go to one class that’s not to your taste, try another.

Finally, don’t judge yourself

It can take time to cultivate the mindfulness and posture that you see in your yoga instructors. Take time to learn the skills needed, and don’t judge yourself if you don’t progress as fast as you thought you might. Remember it’s all about feeling present and connecting your body and mind. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion when you start your new routine.

By Amy Cavill

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