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$ 32.00

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5-Day Power Vinyasa Flow Bootcamp

Need a pick me up? This one workweek, 5-day program of 50-60 minute Power Vinyasa yoga flows, will give an added energy boost to your routine and have you back on track to feeling your best in one week. Each day, a different Power Vinyasa flow from some of YogaDownload's top teachers, will get you on your way to being more energized and full of vitality.

If you want a low commitment yoga program to dive back into your yoga practice this bootcamp is perfect for you. Expect, fun, and energetic yoga classes with lots of movement, that make you sweat, each day for the week. It can be easy to become stagnant and stay in your comfort zone or fall into autopilot in the day to day routine. It doesn't always require a massive endeavor to get things moving in a healthier direction. Daily power vinyasa, even for one week, can help, and this program brings you five distinct and uplifting practices for you commit to having a powerful and purposeful week.

What makes Power Vinyasa yoga unique, and what is it good for? First, Power yoga practice doesn’t have a set sequence of postures, and classes are different from one another, depending on the teacher. However, all Power yoga classes generally have some element of moving with the breath, to build heat within your body, and will often focus on yoga poses that build strength and get your heart pounding and body sweating. Power yoga can sometimes be a full on cardio workout!

It is an excellent style of yoga to build on strength, stamina and flexibility. Some and benefits of a Power yoga practice include a notable boost in mood, improved heart health, more vibrant skin (sweating is good for you), and more overall strength and endurance.

The vinyasa element is all about creating a and state of flow and presence between your body, mind, and breath. An emphasis on breath, while mindfully moving in and out of powerful postures, makes this style of yoga both meditative and challenging.

Each teacher in this series brings something different, making this one-week bootcamp engaging, fun and dynamic. You'll come across some of the same poses in some of the classes and also some that are unique to each of the five classes. The classes are sequenced in a cohesive order that is optimal for your body over the 5 days.

This program is ideal if you work Monday through Friday (or five other consecutive days) to and add yoga into your routine. However, you can pick any five days to do the practice and access it at any time, to make it work for you. This bootcamp is for students with at least some yoga experience, but it's okay if the experience is in other styles of yoga and power yoga is new to you.

Ready to sweat? Let's go!

  • Anyone ready to sweat, and challenge themselves on their yoga mat
  • Intermediate students with some (even minimal) yoga experience, regardless of style
  • Those that want a condensed and transformative Power yoga bootcamp

  • 5 consecutive days of full 50-60 minute Power Vinyasa yoga classes
  • Unique, creative, and challenging yoga flows from five different expert teachers
  • Yoga practices to create noticeable physical and mental improvements in just one week


Full Program
5-Day Power Vinyasa Flow Bootcamp
$ 32.00
$ 32.00
Program Items
Day 1: Power Functional Vinyasa This class is designed to challenge you, build full body strength, increase your endurance and stamina - it will bring the results you're looking for!
Day 2: The Body Mandala: Level 1 This class will have you observing your various samskaras (habituated behaviors and programmed reactions) and perhaps, through practice, clearing and dissolving them, and then replacing them with the unexpected.
Day 3: Empowerment Flow 3: I Am A Warrior In this class you will connect to your inner strength and power in this strong & warming flow that will help you wake up your inner warrior.
Day 4: Moving From Outside to Inside This class will bring your attention away from the constant stimuli of social media, to-do lists and traffic, to the place in all of us that is joyful and peaceful.
Day 5: Everyday Yamas: Satya This is a full-body, intermediate flow with much attention on opening shoulders and hips to move into birds of paradise as the peak standing posture.