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10 Foods that Prevent & Lower Your Risk of Cancer

10 Foods that Prevent & Lower Your Risk of Cancer

You are what you eat!

Food is the fuel on which our body works. It is the source of various nutrients that are needed to ensure optimal physical function. Poor eating habits and diet can be closely associated with various lifestyle diseases and even cancer. Eating more healthy and nutritious food is one of the most simple, yet powerful things we can do to keep ourselves healthy.

It is important to eat foods rich in fibre and vitamins. By making healthier choices regularly, we can reduce the risks of cancer. Along with eating good food, other healthy lifestyle choices can help keep diseases at bay. A balanced diet is an execllent starting place and so is adding some more physical activity. Even strengthening the core of the body further empowers the immune system.

One simple first step towards a healthier life is to simply look at and assess your diet. Identify whether the foods that you are eating are fulfilling the needs of your body or not. Do your best to stay away from foods containing saturated fats and high sugar content.

While there are various causes of disease, evidene and studies continue to discover that certain foods, can increase the risk of cancer, while other foods can reduce and help prevent cancer.

Here are 10 foods that can help decrease and prevent the risks associated with cancer. 

1. Soy
• Soy is one of the major sources of amino acids which are needed by the body for producing proteins.
• They contain good proportion of calcium, potassium, magnesium, fibre.
• Phytochemicals present in soy has the potential to reduce the chances of spreading of a tumor.
• Intake of soy also helps in regulating the growth of cell and destruction of cancer cells.
• Eating soy based foods promotes the intestinal system and reduces cholesterol.

2. Flaxseeds
• Flaxseeds are a rich source of protein, fibre and omega 3 Fatty acids.
• They contain lignans, which gives the flaxseeds their antioxidant and estrogen properties.
• Helpful in preventing breast and prostate cancer.
• High fibre content boosts metabolism and prevent constipation.
• Source of Alpha-Linolic Acid (ALA), which is a type of Omega 3 Fatty acid. ALA is not produced by human body. Hence, flaxseeds fulfil the requirement of ALA needed for the systems of the body.
• Nutritional values of flaxseeds are also helpful in treatment and preventions of chronic diseases, cholesterol, heart diseases.

3. Carrots
• Carrots are good source of fibre, Vitamin K, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B3.
• They are beneficial for cardiovascular health and keep the heart healthy
• Carrots get their anti-cancer properties from polyacetylenes.
• Antioxidants in carrots helps in reducing the risks associated with cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
• They also contains beta-carotene, which protects cell membranes and decrease the growth of cancer cells.
• Regular intake of carrots improves digestive health and controls blood pressure and diabetes.

4. Green Tea
• Green tea is known to be the healthiest beverage and contains ample amount of nutrients required for boosting the systems of the body. 
• A healthier alternative to regular tea and coffee, it improves digestion and assists in fat burning.
• Green tea contains antioxidants in abundance and can play an important role in prevention of cancer.
• Antioxidants in green tea reduce the damaging cells of the body and hence control the production of cancer cells.
• Including a cup of green tea can prove to be beneficial in maintaining the overall health.

5. Turmeric
• Turmeric is known for its medicinal and healing characteristics.
• Curcumin gives turmeric it anti-inflammatory properties and is one of the most bioactive ingredients in turmeric.
• Turmeric can slower the pace of angiogenesis and hence, controls and decreases the growth of cancer cells in the body.
• Anti-oxidants found in turmeric boosts the immune system and gut health.
• Intake of turmeric in required proportions is helpful in preventing risks associated with brain diseases.

6. Onion and Garlic
• Onion and garlic are not only used to enhance the taste of the food but also has medicinal properties.
• Including onion and garlic in the routine diet increases the infection fighting ability of the body.
• They are great sources of healthy sulphur compounds. 
• Garlic contains compounds known as saponins which shows anti-tumor activity.
• Onion and garlic reduce tumour growth and restricts spreading of tumor to various parts of the body.

7. Citrus
• Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, limes, grapefruit etc. are abundant in Vitamin –C.
• Being good source of fibre, they provide enough roughage to the body which helps in improved bowel movements.
• Citrus fruits helps the body to absorb necessary nutrients and increases the production of red blood cells.
• Citrus fruits contain Nobiletin and vitamin C which have antiangiogenic properties reduces the growth and spreading of tumours.
• The water content in the citrus fruits keep the body hydrated and keeps the bodily functions work properly

8. Spinach
• Known to be a superfood, spinach is one of the natural energy boosters.
• Spinach is a rich source of iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium.
• Like Flaxseeds, Spinach also contains ALA which controls the glucose levels and stress induced changes in patients with diabetes.
• Intake of Spinach helps in managing diet and maintain a healthy weight.
• Chlorophyll present in spinach is helpful in blocking and reducing the production of cell growth.
• Abundance of Vitamin- A, helps in growth of tissues and also contributes in maintaining healthy hair and diet.

9 Grapes
• Resveratrol, a phytochemical found in grapes is known for its anti-cancer properties.
• Grapes are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and antioxidants which help prevent chronic and heart diseases.
• Grapes has anti-inflammatory properties which block the production of cancer cells.
• Grapes are abundant in compounds that help enhance retention power of memory and uplifts mood.

10. Broccoli
• Broccoli, coming from the cabbage family, contains dozen of nutrients.
• Broccoli contains significant amount of Omega- 3 Fatty acids which give anti-inflammatory properties to it.
• It is also a powerful antioxidant with significant concentration of vitamin-C.
• High level of calcium and Vitamin K also helps in maintaining good bone and heart health.
• Broccoli is suitable mainly in prevention of breast and uterus cancer, due to its immune boosting characteristics. 
• It also has properties which decreases estrogen which is one of the causes of cancer in the body.

By Garvita Arora

Dr. Garvita Arora is a qualified dental surgeon and an avid writer. With 500+ articles and medical blogs, she has written on a variety of topics, which have been of immaculate interest to her readers. Exploring new domains, she has now collaborated with CancerBro as a guest writer and is immensely dedicated to her work.

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