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4 Ways to Make a Powerful Health Hack

4 Ways to Make a Powerful Health Hack

These days, life seems to only get busier and often it’s easy to let your yoga practice fall by the wayside when work deadlines, family obligations, travel, or fill-in-the-blank, get in the way.

Staying healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally can be a challenge when you feel pressed for time. What’s important to remember is a consistent yoga practice will keep you healthy. When you feel your best, everything else falls into place.

We’re here with a few tips and tricks to help you solidify your yoga habit. Remember there isn’t a one-sized fits all method––what’s key is having a game plan. Whether you prefer practicing first thing in the morning, later in the evening, or anytime you can squeeze in a yoga break, creating an individualized schedule will make the difference. Once you feel the benefits of a clear mind, supple and strong muscles, and a softer heart, sticking to your yoga practice becomes second nature.

Here are 4 effective ways online yoga can make yoga a natural part of your routine!

1. Write it Down

One of the most powerful tools in creating a routine is writing it down. Schedule your yoga in your planner at the beginning of your week. Commit to practicing yoga daily. When you take the time to make yoga an official part of your day and your week, you’re setting yourself up to create a habit that becomes as second nature as brushing your teeth with many more benefits.

2. Consistency

Worry less about how long your yoga session is and focus more on making time for some yoga each day. You don’t always have to practice for an hour or longer. Some days you might only have fifteen minutes and we’ve got a class for that! Consistency is key and it’s better to do a little yoga every day than only practice once a week.

3. Mix it Up 

Many of us have varied schedules and no two days are the same. Don’t worry if you can’t always practice at the same time. We’ve got classes suited to Monday Morning, Tuesday lunchtime, Wednesday on the road, Thursday evening, and Friday whenever the heck you want. Mix it up!

4. Set Up Favorites

One of the beauties of an online practice is you can practice when and where you want. One way to make sure you fit in your yoga is to have favorite classes saved. This way, you don’t have to browse through to find something that fits your mood and schedule. Prevent the possibility of losing steam and motivation. If you find a class you love, take a second to save it and you’ll be able to return to it quickly.

There’s no need to get stuck in a rigid schedule if that isn’t the right fit for you. But if you don’t have a game plan set up to get your practice in each day, often you can miss it. And missing one day can snowball into losing your practice.

To make it even easier this week, we’ve got four new classes arranged by time of the day to get you started. Go ahead and hit ‘Play’ today and see how powerful you can be with a regular, consistent practice.

1. Mark Morford - Yoga Ritual: Evening Practice

2. Robert Sidoti - Get Your Day Started

3. Kylie Larson - Qi Yoga Lunchtime Flow

4. Bhavani Maki - Suryanamaskara C: Moving Meditation

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