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Yoga Ritual: Evening Practice

Mark Morford

The wind-down. The unspooling. The end-of-day, devotional acknowledgement, a final cleanse and release before the dive into the dream-state. Definitely not a collapse, a slump away, an exhausted numbing out to rid yourself of another tepid turn at the grindstone. What are you, a wretched machine? You are, most certainly, not.

How do you wrap up another day? With what sort of ritual, breath, offering? Here’s a suggestion: It’s 40 minutes of full-body gratitude, lots of grounding poses, low lunges, supported bridges and deep, slow stretches to tame the relentless noise of the day and bring the attention inward. It’s nothing crazily vigorous, but it’s also not exactly for the meek or lazy, either. Get a strap and a block. Prepare a calming space. Don’t hurry. Have a glass of wine or a hot bath (or both) ready, for afterward. Turn off your devices. Because obviously.

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