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Yoga for Skiing and Snowboarding

Yoga for Skiing and Snowboarding

In the Northern Hemisphere, winter is upon us. Outdoor enthusiasts are flocking to the mountains to ski and snowboard. We here at want to support winter athletes and help you have the healthiest, most exciting season ever. Yoga can enhance your performance and help keep you injury-free so you enjoy your best days this season and for years to come. If where you live it is springtime, you’ll still benefit from our targeted classes this week. Water-skiing anyone?

When you’re careening down a snow-covered mountain at the speed of light or even at the speed of a sloth, it’s important for your mind to be in the game. Honing your mental focus to a razor sharp edge will enable you to not only enhance your downhill skills, but will also help prevent avoidable injuries.

Athletes agree that a clear attentive mind is the key to success on the slopes. Learning to stay focused and centered through uncomfortable poses by concentrating on even inhalations and exhalations helps you concentrate during a challenging workout. The mind-body connection in yoga is essential to helping develop mental acuity and concentration. Dedicated breath work or Pranayama eases anxious and overstressed minds, which comes in handy on those Double Black Diamonds and even on the bunny slopes.

Of course, you need to strengthen and stretch your muscles to reach your peak form and prevent injuries on the slopes.

Your legs and core need to be in top form. Skiing and snowboarding consist of repetitive movements, mostly in one plane of motion, which can cause imbalances in the joints and muscles over time. A well-rounded yoga practice includes dynamic flexibility training, core stabilization and strengthening and balance work to create mobility, a strong center, and a healthy spine. Yoga goes beyond simple stretching by working the muscles and joints through all ranges of motion—activating the little-used muscles that support the primary movers.

By focusing on these vital elements, yoga can help you recover faster after sessions, open up the tight areas that hinder performance, and improve range of motion. This week we have four classes by two of our most popular teachers, designed specifically to enhance your time on the slopes. These classes are short, specific, and spot on whether you’re new to winter sports or a pro.

Try them all this season!

1. Sharpen your Edge: Skier Flow Claire Petretti Marti

2. Avant Ski Yoga Denelle Numis

3. Après Ski Yoga Denelle Numis

4. Power up for Powder Days: Snowboarder Flow Claire Petretti Marti

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