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The 7 Scariest Yoga Poses for Halloween

The 7 Scariest Yoga Poses for Halloween

It’s the season to be spooky, even in your yoga practice!

The good news is, you can get the heebie jeebies right from the mat. Some of your favorite asanas are inspired by some rather haunting ideas. Don’t be surprised - yoga is about the balance of opposites: solar and lunar, hold and release, and of course, light and darkness.

So we’ve put together a sequence of the creepiest, crawliest postures to get you exploring your spooky side.

Here are the 7 scariest yoga poses to get you in the mood for Halloween!

1. Cat Pose: arch, hiss and strike fear into the heart of the superstitiously inclined.

2. Warrior Poses: the ancient story of these asanas tells of the warrior Virabhadra raising his sword (Warrior I), cutting off the head of his enemy (Warrior II) and delivering it to his commander (Warrior III). R-rated stuff.

3. Fetus Pose: a great balancing hip opener, unless you’ve just watched Rosemary’s Baby.

4. Noose Pose: the execution of this pose offers a deep, detoxing twist.

5. Locust: a plague upon whatever gets between you and your practice!

6. Dead Bug Pose: also known as Happy Baby pose – but not today!

7. Corpse Pose (Savasana): your final resting place.

Nama-stay creepy!  

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