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Love Your Body

Love Your Body

It set me on a track towards wholeness…towards getting back in touch with my true self – that part deep within you that is always content, peaceful, unchanging and unaffected by societal pressures.

Once I learned how to extend my awareness and acceptance of myself off the mat and into my life, yoga helped me both become more aware of and heal my disordered eating habits and negative body image.

It essentially rewired my thoughts and, in turn, my habits. I had no idea this was even possible! I truly thought I was doomed to live in a body I disliked and feel like a failure for not being able to change it.

Yoga and mindfulness give us so many brilliant tools for improving our relationship to our bodies and the food we offer them.

Here’s one you can try right now:

  • Lie down in a comfortable position.
  • Take 10 relaxing breaths focusing on releasing any tension in your body or mind.
  • Pick two areas of your body that you appreciate and clearly state to yourself why…and really mean it!
  • Stay with each thought and let it soak in for several moments.

For example:

1. I appreciate my feet because they carry me around all day without complaint.
2. I appreciate my arms because they allow me to embrace my loved ones.

The more often you do this practice the more quickly you will hardwire your brain to appreciate all of the amazing things your body can do!

“It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.”
— BKS Iyengar

By Jennifer Meek

Jennifer Meek is a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) specializing in Yoga Therapy for common conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and back pain. Utilizing her 25 years of movement experience as a dancer in combination with the tools of yoga and mindfulness she teaches people how to tap into their innate potential for health and happiness. Read More from Jennifer at

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