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Yoga on the Go

Yoga on the Go

If you ever say you just can’t squeeze in time for yoga because you’ve got too many other things to do like work, family, or Netflix, we say yes you can! If you ever think, if I can’t practice yoga for at least an hour, it’s not worth my time. We say, yes it is! If you believe committing only thirty minutes a day to yoga wouldn’t really make a difference. We say, yes it does!

We all have the same twenty-four hours in our day so, why do we make time for certain activities and not for others?

It all comes down to priorities. What matters the most? We make time for what is important and we’re here to tell you that if you can’t commit an hour or more to yoga each day, it’s okay.

You can reap all the awesome benefits of a regular practice in small chunks of time.

The key is consistency. It’s better to practice yoga or meditate for fifteen minutes a day then to take one ninety-minute class a few times a month. You can choose to wake up earlier, turn off the television, or hop off of social media. Sometimes finding an extra fifteen or thirty minutes involves setting boundaries and just saying no to others demanding your time. Make self-care a priority and know you’ll show up as your best self when you’ve taken time for yourself. Make time to replenish your energy.

So, what will happen if you start to practice just fifteen minutes or thirty minutes of yoga a day? You’ll clear your mind and improve concentration. You’ll gain strength, improve your flexibility, relieve stress, boost your energy, deepen your sleep, improve your posture, and relieve pain. You can absolutely garner all these benefits with only a small time commitment. Of course, if you can practice for longer some days, that’s great, but know shorter sessions will do the trick too.

We’ve got four excellent new classes for you to add to your routine whether or not you’re busy or in a time crunch. You’ll feel great in less than thirty minutes.

1. Jackie Casal Mahrou - Hip Opening Quickie

2. Dana Smith - Lazy Day Yoga

3. Jack Cuneo - Quick Core - Challenging Gravity

4. Dia Michelle Smith - Breathe Your Way into the Perfect Day (audio class)

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