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5 Hacks for Busy Yogis

5 Hacks for Busy Yogis

Does seeing #yogaeverydamnday make you wonder how do people do it? 

Because you for one, are struggling to find the time to do yoga ANY damn day? We know why we should practice, sometimes we just need help with the when, and how.

The old adage ‘you don’t have time, you make time,’ is not very helpful. We know you’re busy, we’re all (insanely) busy. And if by some miracle we do find the much needed ‘me time,’ it’s hard not to sink into the familiar urge to relax into Netflix. But the truth is, the busier you are, the more you need a daily practice (which is way healthier than binging Black Mirror).

Practice takes practice, so we’ve put together our 5 favorite tips to get busy yogis on the mat every day, for both, a quick and instant pick-me-up, and the long term benefits of yoga.

Wake up on your mat

The snooze button is now your enemy - it is trying to keep you from living your best life. Instead, your yoga mat is now your snooze button. Keep your mat by your bed, and instead of rolling over for 10 extra minutes of low-quality sleep, roll onto your mat and wake up there. If you can, make it the very first surface your feet touch. Start in child’s pose, give yourself a few cat/cows, and work your way up to a full body stretch. Commit to 10 minutes, but stay as long as it feels good.

Try: Morning Yoga in Bed, for gentle stretches and asanas that are sure to awaken your senses, faster than any latte.

Yoga for lunch

We’re not saying swap food for yoga, we’re saying there are lots of ways to nourish. Pack healthy meals to work and eat them in stages. Eat something an hour before lunchtime and then have the rest after you get back to your desk. Use your lunch break to melt away the workplace stress and burnout, so it doesn’t take over your life and gives you the energy for demanding work environments.

Try: Yoga for Desk Jockeys for shorter practices that can be done in just a few minutes. Some classes are designed for a quick breather at work, and others are sequenced to alleviate tension and counteract your workday. Find your perfect lunch break.

Make it a bedtime routine

Doing yoga right before bedtime guarantees you a good night’s sleep. It does not have to be a high intensity practice, on the contrary Yin yoga and other restorative flows are wonderful ways to destress and work away the built up negative energy.

Try: Nighttime Nidra to relax and release any tension and surrened into yogic sleep. Enjoy this blissful state of stillness and  you’re sure to wake up feeling rested, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Set a calendar reminder

During the week, dedicating time to an hour-long yoga practice may seem unimaginable. But how does a 15-30 minute practice every single day for 14 days sound? Take the 14 day Yoga for busy people challenge and see how the fourteen days of yoga transforms into a regular practice.

Try: Anytime Sun Salutations, one of the classes from the challenge or choose between two diverse classes each day; continue doing this for 14 days and witness how your mind gets conditioned to yoga everyday.

Reward yourself

Finally, and most importantly, remember to practice compassion towards yourself. Stressing out over not being able to do yoga is counterproductive. Take it one day at a time and be grateful for whatever you are able to do.

Try: Meditate with Gratitude to thank yourself for the great job you are already doing. Breathe joy into your practice and your daily lives and focus on the good within. This practice will help you create a happy place you would want to return to.

In the end, it’s important to remember that yoga is so much more than just performing postures. Getting on the yoga mat is a tiny part of a yogic lifestyle. You can make whatever you are doing right now part of your practice, be it the way you interact with people or the way you engage with your own mind. Yoga offers guidance for every aspect of life not just the way you hold your poses. This means busy yogis don’t always need their mats to practice, you can do so at any moment, anywhere and anyhow.

#GoYourOMWay and share your journey with us here.

Need motivation to fit yoga into your busy schedule? You can still join our 14-Day Yoga Challenge for Busy People.

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