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2-Week Bridal Bootcamp

This program is here to have you looking and feeling your most confident and beautiful before celebrating your special wedding day. While it can be a magical and unforgettable day in your life, a wedding can also be stressful and overwhelming to plan and anticipate! This fitness bootcamp will strengthen your body and also bring balance to your mind and emotional state by holding you accountable to self-care and fitness during the lead-up to your wedding. Use these classes to help you stay present and grounded to enjoy this special time in your life, instead of succumbing to stress.

The classes are meant to be practiced each day consecutively and are arranged in a deliberate order to tone your entire body, make you sweat, and give you an enjoyable workout each day. There is a fun variety of yoga classes, with other movement practices like Barre, Pilates, cardio fitness, and yoga fusion practices. You'll work your legs, booty, hips, core, shoulders, chest, and upper body. The classes in the program are longer at the end of each week, to see real results and maximize them in a short period of time.

This program can also help all of the future husbands get into top shape as well, so men, feel free to embark on this challenge to get ready for your wedding! Couples can even embark on this challenge together. This bootcamp is also ideal for anyone else who wants to get into top shape in a two-week period of time, even if there are no wedding plans in the immediate future.

  • Anyone who wants to get their full body into shape in two weeks
  • Brides (and grooms) to be
  • Those who want to prioritize physical, mental, and emotional wellness before their wedding day, or any other big event

  • 14 days in a row of well-balanced and effective full-body workouts and yoga classes
  • Classes to make you sweat
  • Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Fusion and more types of classes from expert teachers


Full Program
2-Week Bridal Bootcamp
$ 56.00
$ 56.00
Program Items
Day 1: Sculpt & Flow Don't have time to make it to yoga practice or to the gym? Sculpt & Flow is a short, full-body workout sure to get you breathing and sweating!
Day 2: Glorious Glutes This class focuses on the oh-so-important tush region - you will learn that muscles will benefit from being both strong AND soft.
Day 3: Nothing but Core Nothing but Core is a fast-paced class designed simply to strengthen every aspect of your core with an intelligent sequence of planks and Pilates based moves.
Day 4: Strengthen, Tone & Stretch After a quick yoga warm-up, grab some weights to build strength and be prepared to challenge yourself in this fun and quick workout.
Day 5: Bride Bod Whether you're a bride to be, or need to get into shape for any important day, this class will kick your butt and have you sweating more than you thought you could in 20 mins!
Day 6: Total Body HIIT & Yoga Fusion This class is designed to get your heart rate up while you strengthen and tone your entire body.
Day 7: Fitness n Yoga: Full Body Tune Up If you are looking for a workout that will get you fit, then this time progressive sequence that blends cardio, core, plyometrics, and resistance training for you!
Day 8: Legs for Days This high-energy and playful fitness class, will move through different leg and lower body strength and cardio exercises, and give your body and energy levels a boost.
Day 9: Meet Me At The Barre In this class you will burn out all of the major muscle groups in the body allowing you feeling stronger and more alive - you better believe you'll feel it tomorrow!
Day 10: Yoga for Weight Loss: Bun Burner This is a challenging class that will work your lower half, specifically your glutes, while also getting your heart rate up - you will lunge, pulse and sweat your way to a firmer back side.
Day 11: Yoga for Better Sex This short class will help you appreciate staying aware in the present moment, improve flexibility, increase circulation and blood flow, and relieve stress.
Day 12: Thighs, Buns, & Guns This class has a strong focus on toning and strengthening the lower body, arms and shoulders, with an emphasis on balance and agility.
Day 13: Yoga Sculpt: Holy Shoulders & Abs In this class, you're going to sculpt your shoulders, tighten your tummy and get your heart rate up, all while stretching and lengthening - get ready to sweat!
Day 14: Empowerment Flow 3: I Am a Warrior You will connect to your inner strength and power in this strong & warming flow that will help you wake up your inner warrior.