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Jamie Kent  Flower

Jamie is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Power Yoga instructor and the founder of Many years ago in college, Jamie took her first yoga class as a way to break up her day full of business classes. It was love at first pose. Amazed at how it helped her to calm her thoughts and become more focused during her busy days at school, she began taking classes more frequently at her local studio. Although she started out with Inyengar classes at school, Jamie found that the Power Yoga classes she took at her yoga studio were more her style They were challenging and fast paced, requiring her to focus on her poses and breath and allowing her to forget about the rest of her day. It was in these classes that she learned the power of being in the present moment.

After college, life grew more hectic and Jamie became increasingly frustrated at her inability to make it to yoga class as often as she liked. She missed her yoga and noticed how its absence was affecting her life. From this need for a more accessible yoga practice and a desire to bring yoga to other busy people everywhere, the idea for was born. With her background in music and computers, and an intense passion for yoga, she felt that she could find a way to make yoga classes more convenient and affordable for everyone. She quickly formulated a business plan and dedicated herself to creating quality portable yoga classes and bringing them to the world.

Jamie hopes that through people will be able to expand their knowledge of yoga, and more importantly, will never have to miss a class again.

In addition to being a certified yoga instructor, Jamie holds a B.S. from the University of Colorado in Information Systems Management. She is also a music producer and club DJ in Denver, Colorado. Jamie uses her knowledge of music, production, computers, yoga and business to bring the best in sound quality and overall excellence to her classes and the website. Jamie has high hopes for the future of her virtual studio and looks forward to reaching many millions of yogis across the globe.