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Extra Gentle Yoga - 45 min (45:00)
$ 6.99
Body Scan Meditation - 20 min (20:00)
$ 3.99
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Extra Gentle Yoga + Body Scan Meditaiton

Jeanne Dillion

Program One is a series of slow, gentle movements most anyone can do. It incorporates breathing techniques to provide healing benefits lasting long after the practice is finished. The sequence is adapted to meet the needs of people desiring an easily accessible practice as well as those with health conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. More active people will appreciate the stress reduction Extra Gentle Yoga can offer.

Program Two fine-tunes your own ability for inner healing. The body scan, also known as body sensing, is one of the stages of Yoga Nidra, an ancient progressive meditation. This systematic guided journey through the body can create a deeper awareness of sensations and feelings associated with various areas of the inner and outer body. This deeply relaxing method may also help you learn to disengage from long-held beliefs about yourself that may no longer be true. Practicing the body scan daily can help you develop mindfulness, concentration, and a state of peace.

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