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20 min Class - Video (20:00)
$ 6.99
20 min Class - Audio (20:00)
$ 5.99
40 min Class - Video (40:00)
$ 9.99
40 min Class - Audio (40:00)
$ 6.99
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Immune Booster & General Conditioning - Level Two

Larry Payne, Ph.D.

The Immune Booster and General Conditioning - Level Two class offers a more challenging routine that adds variety and intensity. This program focuses on attaining a deeper balance by creating more heat in the body and the use of advanced breathing techniques.

Level Two is divided into a 20-minute and a 40-minute program.

*To purchase a physical DVD of this class visit Larry's Samata International website.

*NOTICE: we have fixed the issue with the audio and video not syncing for the video classes

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