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All 3 Classes - 1:40:00
$ 11.95
Men's Core Control - 15:00
$ 5.95
Men's Healthy Back - 30:00
$ 7.95
Shoulders and Hips - 53:00
$ 9.95
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Yoga Fitness For Men


Designed with an understanding of fitness needs specific to men, YogaFit for Men will help you achieve your best physical form and optimal health.

Instructed in a clear, user-friendly format by YogaFit Master Trainer Brett Barnes, YogaFit for men is a safe yet challenging routine for men of all fitness levels and body types, and a perfect introduction for men who haven't yet experienced yoga. Whether you seek to gain an athletic edge for sports or keep a clear head in today's increasingly demanding professional environment, YogaFit for Men is a simple and effective routine created just for you!

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