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Flex and Flow - 55:00
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Flex and Flow


The ultimate mind and body workout from the creator of YogaFit. Repetitive flows and long holds work our muscles in a variety of ways. Performing closed chain exercises with weight bearing extremities, this workout focuses on concentric, eccentric, isometric and isotonic muscle work. Isometric contractions and strong pulsing moves create strength and mental focus. Holding our poses at different ranges of motion, we gain isometric strength.

One of YogaFit's best-selling workouts of all time combines body-toning rounds of Sun Salutations with strong standing postures that target and sculpt all major muscle groups--in record time. Founder of YogaFit, Beth Shaw gamely leads you through a brisk flowing practice that taps into your fat-burning cardiovascular capabilities, even as it chisels and defines your arms, chest, abs, legs and butt muscles.

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