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Warm Up - 17:00
$ 4.95
Upper Body Buff - 18:00
$ 5.95
Core Control - 13:00
$ 4.95
Lower Body Lift - 26:00
$ 5.95
Full Class - 1:17:00
$ 9.95
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Full Body Blast


Super-sculpt your body from head-to-toe with YogaFit creator Beth Shaw, who shows you the ultimate yoga-inspired moves for chiseling your arms and upper body, flattening your abs and firming the glutes and lower body. Your muscles--and your sexiest curves--will never be the same! Master trainer Lara Anderson joins in for the best-selling lower-body segment. Feel free to perform just one segment, or link all four for the best mind-body tone-up of your life!

Divided into four dynamic segments to address all your trouble zones, the workouts break down:

• Full Body Blast (Running time 17 minutes)
• Upper Body Buff with Beth Shaw (Running time 18 minutes)
• Core Control (Running time 13 minutes)
• Lower Body Lift with Lara Anderson (Running time 26 minutes)

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