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Powerful Yoga Fit - 55:00
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Powerful YogaFit


Experience the dynamic flow and challenge of the ultimate yoga class...Powerful YogaFit. Powerful YogaFit is based on the powerful POWER YOGA class created for Town Sports Internationals 145 Clubs - NYSC, BSC, WSC, PSC.

Push it to the limit with hard-core moves that produce a hard and flexible body. With emphasis on the breath and extreme fitness flows, you are challenged to listen to your body, go at your own pace and explore the mind/body connection. Bring your mind into your muscles, let the breath move the body and sweat. YogaFit is Fitness from the Inside Out.

Featuring Beth Shaw.

Please be advised that although many people enjoy this Content Partner class and the instruction is of a high quality, the audio balance on this class is such that the music sometimes dampens the teacher's voice. Please download at your own discretion.

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