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Power YogaFit - 43:00
$ 7.99
Work - 23:00
$ 5.99
Full Class - 66:00
$ 9.99
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Yoga Fit Ultra


This powerful flowing vinyasa format is designed to strengthen your body and stretch your mind and capabilities as you practice regularly.

There are two parts to this class, the Power YogaFit section, and the "Work" section:

In the Power YogaFit section, you'll kickstart your asana and energetic practice to new levels by exploring the two primary yogic "locks" that retain your prana [breath and energy] while increasing total core stability. During this demanding, self-nurturing practice, you will detoxify your body and thoughts through pranayama breathing, and deepen your mind-body connection via an introduction to rich philosophical teachings of the yoga philosophies, the yamas and niyamas.

In the "Work" section, you'll work through several challenging sequences and then enter into dynamic stillness through profound standing balance poses, intra-muscular stretching and deep, focused breathing drills.

*Please also refer to the YogaFit Essentials for additional warm up and cool down as needed.

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