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50 min class (51:09)
$ 7.99
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Inner Strength Flow 3: An Open Heart

Jackie Casal Mahrou

"Freedom arises from a heart that is ready for anything." - Tara Brach

This warming and dynamic vinyasa flow class is designed to help you connect to your inner strength and heart power. On a physical level, you will practice postures that stretch the muscles in your chest and heart area, simultaneously strengthening the muscles of your back and legs. On an energetic level, you are invited to soften and open your symbolic heart as you connect with the strength within, so that you can live with more courage and trust. You will flow, hold balancing & backbending postures, and then wind down with half pigeon and forward folds so that you are left feeling strong, free, balanced, and more ready for what lies ahead. Enjoy!

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