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Absolution Flow: A Call To Arms

Mark Morford

Behold this giddy, delightful and VERY shoulder/arm/chest intensive practice, core stable and alignment precise. That’s right! It’s all manner of chaturangas, double dips, planks and half-handstands and pincha mayurasanas, moves both familiar and, perhaps, not so much. Prediction: You will love it, even when you hate it.

And why? For the sake of real stability, of course. For the sake of true strength – not just bulk muscle or brute force, but functional, useful upper-body energy that can reach and rotate, lift and hold with dexterity and ease, and not get hurt.

Be careful with this one. Do what you can. Do not overdo it. Ignore your ego. Build up to it. Try a few, then try again. Come back to what didn’t seem remotely possible, and try it again. And then again.

Reminder: Upper body strength is NOT about the ability to hoist heavy things or grunt through a pile of dumb pushups. It’s about a particularly confident, poised flavor of grace and physical integrity. It’s for holding up the weight of the world, and then dancing.

Mark recommends using the following playlist for this class: Spotify playlist for Absolution Flow: A Call To Arms

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