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Yoga 101: Loosen Up

Jackie Casal Mahrou

Flexibility, Mobility & Breath - Class 3 of 5

So many people think they cannot do yoga because they are tight or cannot touch their toes. If that is you, please disregard that thought, and try this class anyway. You can do this, and it will help you! Regardless of your level of flexibililty (or inflexibility), you will learn modifications with and without the use of yoga props to help your body and mind experience less tension and more freedom. To get the most from this class, please practice the first 2 classes in the Yoga 101 series at least once.

Please bring along a yoga block, yoga strap (or a belt works), and a folded up blanket or towel. You can still practice this class without these props, but they are very helpful for beginners if available.

The Yoga 101 series is a five class series that progressively teaches the basics of Hatha yoga, a combination of physical postures, deep breathing, and meditation (relaxation). This series is perfectly paced for those brand new to yoga. No matter what your body type, age, or level of flexibility & strength, this series will help you feel understand yoga, feel comfortable on your yoga mat, and release mental and physical tension.

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