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How to Get Lucky

Mark Morford

Here’s the secret: Luck is a CHOICE. Good fortune has nothing to do with “god” smiling (or frowning) upon you. It’s a surrender. It’s a way of being. Psychology confirms it: The more open-minded, calm, energetically flexible and relaxed into the moment you are, the more available you’ll be to notice opportunity and blessing. Conversely, the more uptight, demanding and myopic you are, the more the world will constrict and shower you with nothing but angst and awful reality TV.

Here’s a fantastic practice designed to dissolve neurotic, luckless linearity. It’s a low-down, swirling, looping, spiraling Shakti dance, working deep into the legs and hips and peaking in a feral, full-body mandala that gets repeated about five times – but of course you can pause the video and do it 103 more because, well, why not?

After all, demand the world conform to your narrow expectations, and be more miserable. Release your demand and fully relax into the impossible swirl, and watch luck leap into your lap like a dog in heat. You know, in a good way.

Mark recommends using the following playlist for this class: Spotify playlist for How to Get Lucky

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