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60 min class (59:19)
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Feel Good Yoga Therapy

Life Force Project

Led by Life Force instructor Sibyl Buck, this slow-moving basic class covers all of the major joints and muscles in the body. This class is perfect for anyone who is seeking increased comfort and ease in their bodies, but needs to move slowly. Beginning with a brief drop-in while in savasana, progressing slowly and gently into leg stretches and strengthening, with a focus on deep core muscles and spine stabilizers. Breathing techniques are introduced for calming the nervous system, and physical techniques that invite the natural healing system of the body into action, including a restorative inversion. Backbending, forward folding and twisting are covered, with a led meditation during savasana at the end. This sequence is beneficial for anyone, but especially for those who are in the prime of life, or recovering from an injury, illness or medical procedure. Rejoin with the peaceful part of yourself that's most closely connected to the source of all life itself, and invite in the energy you'd most like to add to your experience, shaping the new season of your life out of the limitless field of potential.

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