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Best Yoga & Strength Training Exercises to Keep Every Senior Healthy
Best Yoga & Strength Training Exercises  to Keep Every Senior Healthy
It’s important that seniors do all that they can to stay in shape and optimal health. In order to get the best quality out of life, it's ideal seniors make it a point to preserve their overall health and wellness; and in order to do that, they should work out at least 3-4 times a week for about 30 minutes a day. Though some seniors want to workout, they don’t know how or have not found the right workouts they enjoy, for their body. If this sounds like you, or you simply are a senior that is looking for something new, try some of the following workouts. These four easy workouts that every senior should incorporate into his or her life to improving the quality and longevity of it. What are the Best Workouts for Seniors?

Yoga for Seniors: 10 Gentle Classes for Everyday Wellness
Yoga for Seniors: 10 Gentle Classes for Everyday Wellness
Whether you began practicing yoga yesterday or thirty years ago, your practice will evolve and change, just like your daily life transforms. You probably don’t enjoy coloring books and the jungle gym like you did in first grade, right? In our teens and twenties, it’s common for many people to practice sweaty yoga with a variety of physically intense asanas. As you move toward the middle and later years, it’s natural to shift to gentler, quieter types of practices. This week, we’re excited to share a program designed for the more mature yogi. In order to age as gracefully as possible, making shifts to how we show up on our yoga mat ideally would mirror the transitions in our professional and personal lives. Different concerns arise with each stage of life and yoga can play a major role. If you’re already a yogi, you know how eating well, moving your body mindfully, and breathing purposefully enables you to feel your best. Even if you’ve always been active and taken care of yourself, aging happens. Diseases, injuries, and degeneration of the mind are realities.

Why Exercise Benefits the Aging Process
Why Exercise Benefits the Aging Process
Have you ever envisioned your life 30 years from now? What do you look like? How do you feel? Are you able to play with your grandchildren and enjoy everyday activities? These are common questions among most in regards to their future and quality of life as they evolve through the aging process. The question remains how we can slow down the aging process and ensure that our future is bright and fruitful? As a personal trainer, I have had the good fortune and pleasure to work with many seniors over the course of my 20 years in the fitness industry. Through my very own hands-on experience, I have been able to witness the physical benefit of exercise and healthy nutrition can yield a higher quality of life and sense of well-being among the senior population. So what exactly are the benefits of exercise as we age?