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How to Get Lucky Vol. II: Get Luckier

Mark Morford

It’s a simple teaching, really: The only way true abundance will swarm your bones, the only way bounty will flood your blood, the only way luck will be able to “find” you is if you’re not busy looking for it somewhere else, demanding the world obey some other, narrow set of expectations.

My HTGL series is all about messing with your set behaviors and ingrained patterns – physical, mental and energetic – so you can be more attuned to luck’s subtle beckonings.

That means vigorous, looping movements, spiraling warriors, low-down hip swings, full-body mandalas to make everything less linear and uptight, retraining you to drop your expectations and allow the moment to reveal itself. It’s just the way luck would have it.

Mark recommends using the following playlist for this class: Spotify playlist for How to Get Lucky Vol. II: Get Luckier

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