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Set Yourself Free!

Set Yourself Free!

You’ve probably heard there are only two emotions: love and fear. Fear encompasses everything from worry, anger, anxiety, frustration, and pain. Often, these negative emotions keep us in a prison of our own making. We’re so buried in worry for the future, we fail to appreciate the beauty of the present moment. We’ve lost the ability to be spontaneous, to find pleasure in the simplicity of nature, movement, connection, and love. As the Tantric yoga model teaches, life is a gift. We need to remember to appreciate each day with an open heart.

Achieving freedom means you are aware of what you desire in your life, as well as what you wish to avoid and you live your life with those principles in mind. Freedom means you feel free to choose how you live each moment. A yoga practice dedicated to encouraging the release of fear and negative blocks can pave the way for choosing what will make you enjoy more love, happiness, and peace. Open up to true freedom.

For some, a gentle flow designed to relax tension and stress will create a sense of openness. For others, a vigorous sweaty practice will knock that tension out. What works for you? Tune in to your thoughts and emotions---what helps you let go of what’s weighing you down? That’s the whole point: we are all individual and freedom means different things. Take the time to tap in and learn what will give you a sense of freedom in your life, despite what’s happening in the external world.

We recommend releasing some of these emotions trapped in your physical body through a strong yoga practice or any other physical activity that lights you up. Let go of fear of failure and just go for it! What’s the worst that could happen if you try something new? Or, consider meditating, with or without the accompanying asana or physical activity. Many paths exist to release clutter in your mind and thoughts.

This week, we’ve got a variety of new classes designed specifically for you to find your definition of freedom. Jackie Casal Mahrou’s latest offering, Hatha Yoga: Strength & Freedom will empower you to find balance, joy, and an open mind. If you’d like to challenge your focus and build up your endurance to handle pressure through binding postures, try Claire Petretti Marti’s new class, Bound to Be Free.

Les Leventhal will have you Flowing for Freedom in his new class and Mark Morford’s signature style will help you have fun! Try How to Get Lucky Vol. III: Get Luckier Still (stream it for FREE).

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