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Ignite Your Power Chakra
Ignite Your Power Chakra

Beyond the physical body, we all have a subtle body that isn’t visible to the naked eye. The astral body is like a blueprint or sheath providing vital life force to the physical or gross body. A comparable analogy would be what electricity is to a machine; the astral body is to the physical body. The chakras and nadis are elements of your astral body.

Life force energy or prana moves through the body through the nadis or passageways. The Sushumna Nadi or central nadi runs from the base of the spine through the crown of the head and encompasses thirteen other nadis. Envision it mirroring your spine. Then, Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi run from the base of the spine and coil around the central nadi through each chakra to end in the Ajna chakra or third eye.

Seven primary chakras or energy vortexes are located along the Sushumna nadi. Chakra translates to “wheel” in Sanskrit. Each chakra has various qualities, including a corresponding color, physical body part or parts, and spiritual levels of development. The third chakra is called Manipura.

Manipura means jewel in the city. It is located in the solar plexus, the core center. Manipura’s essence is your ego identity, personality, gut feelings, and all activity motivated by the desire to be seen and acknowledged as unique. In its positive aspects, Manipura imparts a healthy ego, self-confidence, and trust in your instincts. It’s associated with the element of fire and the color yellow: your own inner sunshine and radiance.

Strengthening your Manipura chakra aids in digestion and assimilation. Our vital organs, including the pancreas and adrenal glands, which create hormones involved in digestion, are stored in this area.

When the navel chakra is out of balance, it can manifest physically with ulcers, adrenal imbalances, eating disorders, and colon diseases. Also, if you suffer from lack of self-esteem, a tendency to be indecisive, have anger simmering below the surface, or tend toward depression, you could benefit from stimulating your Manipura.

Empower yourself through your yoga practice. Start now with checking in on your navel center. The best poses to impact manipura are twists to stoke your digestive fire, forward bends and anything that directly stimulates your core.

We’ve got four new classes and a previous release designed specifically to balance your Manipura chakra in a variety of different ways. Choose the one that resonates the most with you today.

Core Gratitude - Pradeep Teotia
Manipura Movement Flow - Denelle Numis
Shakti Core Power: The Belly and The Empowered Feminine - Deb Rubin
Digestive Reset for A Happy Belly - Maria Garre

Also check out these other classes diesnged to ignite your power chakra:

Core Values Fusion - Claire P
Manipura Chakra: Core Flow - Cicily Carter
Down to the Core - Celest Pereira


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