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Tune Out the Noise and Tune into Yourself

Tune Out the Noise and Tune into Yourself

Without connection, we often feel adrift and alone. Apart. One of yoga’s most powerful lessons is learning to connect. Connect with yourself. Connect with others around you. Connect to nature and the world surrounding you. Learning to tune out all the external noise and tune into your inner strength and core is vital. You’ve got to connect with yourself before you can effectively connect with others.

Don’t feel guilty for sneaking away to practice yoga or meditation or whatever you really want to do—consider it an essential for you to be at your best. It’s just like the safety announcement on an airplane. They remind you to place your oxygen mask on before you put on your child’s. You can’t help others without taking care of yourself first, at least not effectively. 

Yes, we know you’re busy. Yes, we know time is tight. We’re here to help you carve out some time in your day for YOU. Everyone has the same twenty-four hours. Choose to prioritize and take at least fifteen minutes, thirty minutes; gasp even a whole hour for you. 

Okay, now you’re determined to carve out your personal sliver of heaven. When?  Plan ahead. Get up earlier in the morning, take your lunch hour for yourself, switch off the television and flip on one of our new classes, sneak away from everyone in your house and get it done. You deserve it! We’ve got plenty of classes to fit your schedule. You can even search for classes based on exactly how much or little time you have!

This week, we’re excited to introduce another new class from Mark Morford: Morning Badass Flow, to start your day out with a bang. 

When you desperately need to tune out the noise of your life and tune in to yourself, try Reset Refuge: Come Home to Yourself, by Elise Fabricant or Unplug from Tech, Plug into You by Dia Draper. 

Finally, if all the technology of your day is hampering your ability to get a good night’s sleep, try this Pranayama for Better Sleep class from one of our newest YogaDownload stars, Maria Garre. 

Remember, practicing yoga helps us be our kindest, happiest selves. Take the time to go inside and recharge. You’ll feel better and your loved ones will too.

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