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How To Create Your Success Story

How To Create Your Success Story

Once you’ve figured out your intentions, write them down. An intention that isn’t written down is simply just a dream. Without an intentional plan to achieve our dreams, we can end up floating along and never realizing our full potential.

Now, it’s time to prioritize your intentions and dreams into a manageable plan that won’t overwhelm you. Life is fast-paced and busy for all of us—sometimes it seems like there is never enough time. Be honest with yourself. Take a look at your calendar and your bank account, see how you spend your time and your money. These factors are excellent indicators of your current and past priorities. Be brutally honest.

For example, I could say my priorities are writing three novels a year, taking a yoga teacher training, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. When I look at my calendar and my spending habits, are these priorities accurately reflected?

Do I have writing time clearly marked in my schedule? Am I practicing yoga several times a week? How many trips did I go on last year? How much time was shared with family and friends vs. wasting hours on social media or in front of the television?

So, when you look at your list, what calls to you? Do you feel the urge to do it now, do it now, do it now? Or, could you focus on this intention in a few years? Is it urgent or not?

Decide where you want to focus your energy. Pick your top three or four. If you aren’t sure, consider the ones that tug at your heart. Choose them. Then, get specific and create a timeline.

Once you’ve set your priorities, write them down, and reflect upon them. Visualize your life as if you’ve already manifested your dreams. How do you feel?

Align your deepest desires with your dreams and goals to soar to your highest potential heights.

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