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DIY Holiday Gift Cards

DIY Holiday Gift Cards

While all of you, given the fact you are reading my blog, are aware that I am very much into cooking, and preparing beautiful food. You may not be as aware of the fact that I am also a graphic designer, and so I've decided to mix my love of design into this blog, and make something really (i reckon) special for you all. 

Now I don't know about you, but I really love wrapping gifts, and my wrapping style is always very similar. It's always very organic looking. However, I have struggled finding beautiful gift cards to pair with my wrapping. Honestly, paying +$20 for a few gifts cards I don't love, really doesn't make me very happy. So I've decided to make a couple of sheets of what I believe are some utterly gorgeous gift tags. A couple of them are Christmas themed, but on the most part, they can truly be used for any gift, birthday, graduation, anniversary, you name it. 


What you will need: 

- Printed sheets of my gift tags (which you can access by entering your email below) 
- Wrapping paper - I will 95% of the time use craft paper 
- Scissors 
- A thicker paper
- Glue
- Scissors
- Sticky Tape
- Twine
- Hole puncher
- A few sprigs of Rosemary 


This part is pretty simple. Start by downloading and printing the gift cards. Glue the entire sheet onto a thicker stock paper, before cutting the tags by following the dotted lines. Make sure you cut just inside the dotted lines, as you don't want any of the lines in the final product. Put a single hole at the top of the tag using the hole punch, this will be where you will thread the twine.

Now personally, I absolutely love making presents look pretty. I think a gorgeously wrapped present really ads to the whole experience of gift giving. The red wrapping paper pictures is my absolute favourite. Its brown on one side, and red on the other, and is a really gorgeous craft paper (none of that shiny stuff!)

Tip: I always keep little bits of papers etc. for wrapping. For example, I recieved a a beautiful bunch of flowers, which were wrapped up in some muslin type material. Rather than throwing it away, I kept it (and actually used it for these presents). 

I'm all for using twine one presents, and I never really wrap it around presents the same way, I like making each look a little different. Wrap your twine around the gift however you like, before threading the gift card through, and tying it off with a bow or a knot.


Finally, for a really special touch (which also makes the gift smell amazing!) place a sprig of rosemary under the twine.



Corinne Marabel, creator of A Vegan Kitchen, never intended to follow a vegan diet, much less did she intend on creating what she has today. In July of 2013, feeling constantly run down and tired and after spending far too many months treating my body like a garbage bin, Corinne decided to turn from vegetarianism to veganism for a short detox. However, days turned in to weeks, and she began to find herself feeling not only better internally, but completely inspired to create beautiful and clean vegan dishes. 

Check out @avegankitchen instagram page, and ebooks!


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