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Intuition - Dana Damara

Intuition - Dana Damara

I find that it’s really easy to “drop in” when there isn’t anything happening out of the ordinary, you know, like life!


But you know, the reality is, life is always happening and it’s really easy to get tossed off your game of connection if you’re not paying attention!

There’s all these various ways to tap into your intuition and each of us has a sense of what works. Here’s a few:

Visionary experience - you may use your third eye and literally vision things.
Audio experience – you may hear things, almost like whispers from the Divine. You can hear it in nature, in waves, wind and the birds.
Feeling with entire body – the truth is that we feel other people’s energy all the time; the trick is to notice how you feel.
Gut reaction – you just know it in your gut or in our heart.
Download from the crown chakra – you experience guidance in a complete statement or sentence.
Dream time – sometimes your intuition speaks in your dreams mostly through symbolism.
Personally, I use them all on various occasions and when I find them hard to locate, meaning I am scattered, confused or in my head, I get on my mat and plug in.  Literally, I plug into the energy that vibrates with my every step. Tap into the energy that swirls around my head with messages of Divine love and guidance. Connect to the internal guidance system that can’t wait to assist me in following my heart.

Intuition is something we feel, it’s not something we do. It’s a nudge, a push, an energy that, when cultivated, can guide us along our most divine path of Being. It’s the synchronicity of events that link together to create a bigger picture of what is.

The problem is we aren’t in our feeling body all that often. And we miss events that actually mean something. In fact,we spend more time in our head trying to figure things out. The ironic thing is, if we let go of the grip and allow the breadcrumbs to lead us along the path, all would flow in an intuitive way.

Here’s a mantra for you: I amplify in stillness. Does that mean you have to sit still to amplify your awareness? Well, no, not really. Messages come in clearer if you do, for sure! But the intention is to find that connection in movement, in chaos, in discomfort … so you can move from a place that is guided and not reactionary.

It’s a practice ... a life long practice. Don’t rush but please, start listening today. The time is now to get on your path and I’m thinking that if you don’t, something is going to push you onto it, whether you like it or not.

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By Dana Damara

“My passion on the mat is proper alignment, powerful breath and effortless flow so you feel that off your mat. Your practice becomes sacred space where you arrive to find more meaning, depth, authenticity and integrity in your life." - Dana Damara: mother, author, yoga instructor, speaker and yogini.

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