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Non-Negotiable Brilliance

Non-Negotiable Brilliance

When you are awake to your life and you really look at what you’ve done, where you are, and where you are going, I hope there will continue to be a sense of awe, reverence, and gratitude for every step along the way.

This will be the only way to head into 2016 – with gratitude for it all. Not just some of it but all of it.  And I’m telling you, 2016 is going to be big for ALL of us!  Why? Because it’s about:

·      Transcending beyond what you think is possible – getting past your head and into your heart

·      Allowing something new to come through you – whether it’s divinely guided or been brewing in you for awhile.

·      Releasing all old patterns in finality, but in the honor they deserve for the purpose they served.

·      Not negotiating or compromising your desires in this life; accepting nothing less than your soul’s calling.

·      Massive openings into the heart and the depth we can reach when we are courageous.

·      Creativity, truth, depth, meaning and passion in ALL areas of your life.

I spent the last couple weeks of 2015, “sort-of” offline.  Meaning I didn’t respond to a lot, I didn’t post a lot, I minimized my output of energy, and really dropped into what was real for me before galloping into the New Year.  I observed myself in relationship, in the doing, in the being, and in the planning.  I asked for help and received it graciously.

I observed old patterns and detected negative situations in my life that needed cleaning up (and cleaning out really).  And I learned to say no to what wasn’t resonant and opened my heart to what was.

On a daily basis, I took photos to capture a memory, not to post it somewhere. I called people on the phone and had real conversations.  I turned all the notifications off my phone so I could be present with the moment.  I told people how I really felt even if it was scary.  I looked my children in the eye, listened intently to them, let go of a lot of control, laughed a lot, and drank champagne long after my bedtime on a few occasions.  I didn’t write any blogs, OMS or posts and you know what? 

It felt so good.

It offered me so much space to truly SEE what was happening and what was real and what was not.  Because it’s so easy to get caught up in illusion isn’t it?  To get caught up in other people’s lives, old patterns, ancestral beliefs, and sabotaging behaviors that just don’t serve.  The ride of this life is going so fast, it’s almost impossible to not get caught up; but I’m telling you, we must NOT! We must “stay the course” for better or for worse.

Because that is the only way we will truly distinguish between our reality and our illusion.  To stay in tune with who we really are and where we are going. And I can promise you, this New Year is big and I want you to experience it in it’s fullness – always.

How do you do that? 

·      Meditate – be still

·      Daily pranayam

·      Be real

·      Move your body

·      Get into nature

·      Limit screen time

·      Live in 5-D

Why?  Because there is no other way. 

·      We are not perfect

·      We are not above anyone else

·      We ARE projection

·      We ARE flawed

·      And we ARE love

But we must stay awake.  When we show up as THAT, as love, in all our vulnerability, in all our realness and imperfections, THAT is where the healing happens.  And in that healing, that is where transcendence and magic occurs.

When we act in forgiveness and acceptance of our wounds, we heal not only ourselves, but others as well. It is time for us ALL ALL get real, stop the distraction, the competition, and the not-enoughness, and show up.


So I’m stepping deeper into what is uncomfortable for me.  I’m stepping into a space where I must practice the art of balancing approachability with boundaries.  Where I must be intimate and real.  Where I must be grace and strength in action.

You will see a lot of new things this coming year, but my career will be in balance with my life because I will continue to operate from a place that is fine tuned to the resonance of my soul.  And my soul enjoys it ALL – my mothering, my femininity, my relationships, my career, and my ability to be still with Mother Gaia.

As far as work, you will see so many new offerings and collaborations with new people.


meaning that I enjoy witnessing people wake up to who they are through this practice of yoga. Holding space for a student in this way is why I get up every morning.  It brings me immense joy when people recognize that this art and science of yoga is more than just exercise; it about elevating the soul to it’s highest resonance. And I know that this learning is a life-long path and mastery.  So my intention is to share this knowledge with teachers who are ready for this type of offering in the world.  Because I believe when there are more yogis – there is more connection.  But the connection HAS TO BE REAL … nothing about this can be inauthentic – not one single thing.  You’ll see all of that in the Embody Truth Yoga Teacher Training,Mentorship and Apprenticeship for teachers who want to share Embody Truth as their career. 


In both of my books, Oms from the Mat and Oms from the Heart, I share intimate stories about life.  The devotionals come through as a resonance to you and your path.  My hope is that these books get into the hands of anyone interested in seeing themselves as they are – Divine Perfection.  Not only that but I desire for these books to be on the shelves of as many yoga studios as possible.  Why?  Because they can be a tool for any teacher to guide their class on a path with a theme – with a simple dharma talk to open class. 


I have always been blessed with a deep connection with the Divine and this year, for me, is about bringing that fully into the light.  This has always been an uncomfortable admission for me but I know, that now is the time.

On an intimate level you will continue to see that in private gatherings, Shakti Circles,Astrology/Intuitive Readings, Reiki Sessions, and Coaching sessions.

You’ll experience this in the retreat to Tulum in February, all the courses included in the Embody Truth 300 Hour Advanced program, and then finally, a collaboration with a dear friend of mine in Costa Rica where together, we guide you into Embodying the Feminine Mystery.


You must know that THIS is my MOST UNCOMFORTABLE way of being EVER! Put me in a room where there's music and a mat and lots of yogis, I THRIVE!  Put me in front of the camera ... biggest fear EVER!  But ... it's time to go on-line! I'm kicking this off January 9th with my very first 21 day Sadhana.  Shakti Circles will go online every New Moon,  as will other programs listed in the 300 Hour Advanced Training Program.


Besides all of that, I plan to be a conscious mother to my two lovely daughters; to continue to nurture a home for us all based on love, appreciation, and acceptance of each other.  To attend as many volleyball games and martial arts sessions that I can.  To lay on the floor and play with our new kitties – Shiva and Shakti.  To be an intimate partner to myself while remembering that through all of this, I am enough.

All of it … every single bit of my life … is and will be dedicated to the breath of the Goddess, to the Divine Feminine - in all her forms. Let’s see what shows up shall we?

By Dana Damara

“My passion on the mat is proper alignment, powerful breath and effortless flow so you feel that off your mat. Your practice becomes sacred space where you arrive to find more meaning, depth, authenticity and integrity in your life." - Dana Damara: mother, author, yoga instructor, speaker and yogini.

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