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Virabhadrasna 1 or the Courage Warrior

Virabhadrasna 1 or the Courage Warrior

With the front foot firmly planted slightly in front, it’s as if the foot is planted into the vision of the future, like you’re taking a step forward. The back foot presses down, rooted in the wisdom and experiences of your past. Both feet root firmly down, connecting to the wisdom of the earth. The front knee is bent, providing a softness to the asana, it also builds strength in the leg. The back leg is extended, providing support and a gentle reminder to remain flexible with the food placement when the gastrocnemeus (or calf) is too tight to allow the heel to place down on the floor.

The hips face forward and all seven chakras align on top of one another to allow the flow of energy. They face forward, too, as if presenting the magnificence and brilliance that is you. As the spine lengthens and grows, the breath becomes fuller.

The arms reach up, a power pose according to associate Harvard professor and TED speaker, Amy Cuddy. Reaching up, energetically they are connecting to the energy of the cosmos, the vastness and infinite possibilities that exist. 

This powerful asana can be partnered with what Swami Shankarananda calls “G- statements” in his book, Consciousness Is Everything: the yoga of Kasmir Shaivism:

I am Consciousness
I have Divine power in me
I am a Divine infinite being.

Notice the energy that flows through your body as you practice this powerful partnership. If there is any part of you who feels a sense of doubt while practicing, allow yourself to be with that doubt. Where is it rooted? If you were to search your deepest, wisest knowing, would you find the doubt to be true? Ask your highest Self to give you proof of your G-statement, rather than blindly following the doubt. This is where miracles can happen.

By Wendy Reese

Wendy Reese is a lifestyle strategist who specializes in whole being, author, and RYT-200 (currently pursuing her advanced training) with 13 years of teaching experience. You can find more and do the free 7 day lifestyle detox at Visit

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