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Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Your inner warrior lives in your heart, the space where love and fear reside. When you turn your gaze inward, when you become still and quiet, you can access this wellspring of bravery and power and stand up for what you believe in. Arjuna, the hero of the Bhagavad Gita, explored the many facets involved in the battle to do what he deemed right. The entire story demonstrates how taking a stand isn’t simple or easy, but necessary to be true to yourself.

Practicing yoga allows us to dig into our hearts and minds and truly see who we are and what we are willing to battle. This week, we here at encourage you to tap into your inner warrior. Are you already shining for everyone to see or do you need liberation? We all believe in something worth fighting for, sometimes we just need a reminder.

Step onto your yoga mat or sit on your meditation pillow with the intent to cultivate your strength, compassion and unique power. Attention and awareness are the tools to begin your journey inward. Attune to your individual truth in order to express it without fear of the outcome. Often, our attachment to the results of our actions paralyzes us and we fail to act. Release the connection to outcome and instead listen to your heart.

Yoga Sutra 2:46: Sthira sukham asanam translates to the posture should be a balance of steadiness and ease. Work toward experiencing each posture with this combination of strength tempered by softness. Practice the principle and experience how it feels on your yoga mat and take the feeling with you off your mat.

Each one of is an individual, unique soul. Choose one of our new classes this week to tap into your own version of being your strongest self. Go ahead: be a peaceful warrior!

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