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Organized Space - Calmer Life
Organized Space - Calmer Life


Just as you cannot prepare a meal when the counter is full of dirty dishes, most people cannot be truly productive and creative when their lives, houses, and places of work are messy. Our external world is a mirror for our inner environment. Organizing your home and life makes it easier to understand what's really going on, outside and inside you. Give yourself more time, more mental clarity, a more comfortable home and office, and a more productive and orderly life by implementing some organizing strategies.

Strategies for Space Success


  • No place like home. Make a system. You need places to put the stuff before you start trying to organize the stuff. Everything needs a home, or it's just clutter. Often stuff ends up everywhere because we don't have a place to put our things. Closet and drawer organizers, filing cabinets, hangers and shelves, and storage boxes can all turn an impossible mess into a supportive space. Give everything a home.


  • Small steps. Do not try to tackle everything at once. The key is to do one manageable task at a time - no multi-tasking. Pick a single shelf in your closet, or balance one bank account. Give it just 15 minutes a day until that area is organized (or you get hit with a burst of productive energy to go for hours), then move on to the next.


  • Do you need it or love it? All the stuff you keep should live in your precious space because you either use it or adore it. If it is currently contributing to your life or has very high sentimental value, find a home for it. Otherwise, get rid of it. This applies to broken appliances, things you got as gifts but never use, and things you have three (or twenty) of when you only need one, including phone apps and computer files.


  • Label it. Once everything has a home, it also needs a name and a way to find its home. Label drawers, storage bins, and cabinets. On your computer, file all documents and images into folders and sub-folders that are organized by logical subjects.


  • Does it (still) fit and flatter you? While this should be an obvious one with clothes, it applies to other parts of your life. Decorations, furniture, and accessories should complement your aesthetic and contribute to your quality of life. If anything is just taking up space, give it away. If you have not worn something in over a year, give it away.


  • Only buy something new if you truly need it. If you already have one that can be repaired or updated, or you can borrow one from someone else, do not buy a new thing. If you are replacing something beyond repair, be sure to get rid of the old broken thing.


  • Prioritize your calendar. Do not book yourself every moment of everyday. Say "no" to things that are not essential and do not bring you joy. This includes the time you spend on social media and blogs. Schedule free time for spontaneous activities.


  • Get help. If all else fails, hire a professional. If you cannot make heads or tails of your space, than find a reputable personal organization consultant to come support you.


In our overly-complicated world, simplicity if key. Once you get a taste of a clean desk, clear foyer, and the ability to find what you are looking for right away, you will understand the healing power of order. The time and mental energy saved by having an organized space will allow you to be more creative and productive than you would have imagined. Clear your space, clear your mind, and clear your life.





By Ron McDiarmid

Ron McDiarmid is the founder of My Healthy Living Coach. Having had health challenges along the way Ron was keen to share the research and learning he gathered. Through MHLC this continued into a current presentation of healthy lifestyle choices and how to implement them. Check out his website at




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